Value Based Marketing Drives Meaningful Conversations

Build Trust and Accelerate Sales with Personalized Financial Value Stories

Value Based Marketing for Every Step in the Customer Journey

Frequently sales are stalled because buyers lack insight into the financial impact of making a purchase. Too often these purchase delays cost buyers more money than they save.

Every company needs to tell a value story for their prospective buyers at every step in the customer journey. But too often vendors focus the conversation on price and abstract benefits leaving the buyer uncertain as to the exact financial payback for their purchase.

eXalt Knowledge Bots refocus the conversation between buyers and sellers from price and features to personalized value messaging for every purchase. Knowledge Bots provide a complete financial justification for purchase using TCO, ROI or break-even to support and accelerate purchase decisions.

Knowledge Bots take value-based marketing to the next level by becoming the buyer’s trusted advisor by understanding buyer business problems and recommending optimal solutions by measuring customer value. Customers can be empowered to do “what-if” analysis to make sure they identify the solution that is most profitable for them.

Knowledge Bots separate the concept of value from the price in the buyer’s mind. Often buyers discover that higher price solutions are actually less expensive in terms of payback and return on investment. Knowledge Bots get buyers to stop fixating on price and instead focus on value.

Buyers prefer interactive personalized value stories rather than guessing what the potential value is for them by reading case studies, white papers, and blogs or viewing demos and videos. Knowledge Bots assure each buyer they are getting the most value from their investment. And Knowledge Bots engage with buyers how they want via the web, chat, email or text.

26% of respondents said that inability to communicate value messaging was the top inhibitor to reps achieving sales quota.

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The Benefits for You

Benefits of Value Based Marketing

Grow Revenues
66% of buyers say making a clear ROI case highly influences their purchase decisions, however, only 16% of sellers are very effective at this. (The Rain Group)

Value based marketing focuses buyers on value you and increases the price they are willing to pay for a product, solution or service.

Boost Conversion
59% of 225 IT managers mentioned that ROI influenced their decision to pursue a project over the last year. (

Giving buyers personalized value messaging in real time gives them the confidence to purchase.

Buyers immediately know that they are getting the greatest possible value and they have the documentation to prove it to others involved in the purchase process.

Cut Sales Cycles
77% of B2B buyers are conducting more detailed ROI analyses before making a purchase decision. (DemandGen Report)

Value based marketing removes uncertainty in the buyer journey.

Providing personalized financial justifications and value messaging remove perceived risk and uncertainty for buyers from the buying process and reduce sales cycles.

Re-Imagine Your Customer Experience with Value Based Marketing

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Case Studies of Value Based Marketing

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