Predictive Intelligence (PI)

Digital Analyst

Deliver Actionable Insights from Rich Digital Interactions

Get Out in Front of Market Changes

Avoid the trap of looking at simple Point of Sale historical data for shaping demand, planning products & promotions and making forecasts.

To be out in front it is critical to access a richer big data set with intelligent software that can identify correlations and produce actionable insights. eXalt gives you a continuous connection to the customer right at the Point of Quote and yields visibility of conversion and trends throughout the customer journey.

Today Software has the speed and scale to analyze and make decisions better and faster than humans

The Benefits For You

Benefits of Predictive Intelligence
# Learn What Shapes Demand Most

Digital Interactions are Richer

Every customer interaction is made digital and analyzed. This richer data source allows software to glean correlations that were previously unavailable. Software can process a data set 1000’s of times larger than humans in a fraction of the time.

# Optimize Products Promotions

Gain Actionable Insights

Unlock new opportunities with the pervasive intelligence eXalt embeds in every process it manages. Discover Hit Products before release with simulation. Uncover new bundling opportunities. Determine promotion effectiveness before deployment.

# Intelligent Forecasting

Stop Driving by Looking in the rear view mirror.

Driving looking at the rear view mirror of historical data leaves you vulnerable to shifts . eXalt captures demand shifts months earlier than simple POS reports and correlates changes with data previously inaccessible in the forecasting process.

Tap Into Future Opportunities and Gain Influence in the Market

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