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AI-Based Sales Interaction Management (SIM)

Grow Revenues without adding Resources

Grow Revenue without Adding Headcount

Every day sales executives are pressured to sell more without increasing expense while buyers expect reps to be fountains of knowledge and tech savvy.

Sales productivity is the number one challenge for 65% of B2B organizations (The Bridge Group). And it is also a problem for sales reps as 45.4% of sales professionals do not meet their quota. (CSO Insights)

As the world becomes increasingly digital, telephone and in-person sales are an ever-decreasing part of the sales process - forcing reps to find new ways to engage with customers.

Companies must build a modern digital B2B sales process that can quickly adapt to these trends.

Companies that are still trying to compete by qualifying and advising customers and partners over the telephone, expecting reps to be proficient in thousands of ever-changing products, making reps perform admin tasks, manually generating proposals and managing without visibility of the true profitability of each sale risk losing to more nimble and modern competitors.

The good news is that sales productivity can soar by deploying eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots instead of using human workers to qualify, route and advise on solutions.

eXalt’s AI-based Knowledge Bots help human sales reps during every sales conversation with automated qualification or guided selling and advisement insuring you get larger sales with less effort.

What’s more they can take over the 50-70% of administrative work performed by sales reps today including automated proposal generation.

This collaboration of humans and Knowledge Bots allows you to grow sales without adding headcount.

45.4% of Sales Professionals don't meet their quota.

CSO Insights

The Benefits For You

Benefits of AI-Based Sales Interaction Management

Give Reps More Time to Sell
Just 22% of a typical sales rep’s week is focused on selling. (Pace Productivity)

eXalt’s Knowledge Bot Assistants cut 70% of the time spent qualifying a sale, preparing the solution and gathering and entering all necessary downstream data into internal CRM/ERP or partner systems.

Sell Solutions not Products
Nothing Should be Sold Alone.


eXalt’s Knowledge Bot Advisors help build complete solutions with strong attach of all margin making options (hardware, software, services, leasing, etc).



Change the Conversation
74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add UNIQUE value. (Corporate Visions)

Sales managers have found that a leading reason reps miss their quota is due to their inability to add value and starting relevant conversations with buyers.

Guide Reps through an Engaging Conversation with Every Customer

Success Stories

Automated Sales Qualification

Provide every Rep their own personalized assistant for sales qualification

Jane Independently qualifies buyer requirements
Doubles Sales Productivity Read More

Personal Sales Administration

Offload Admin Work to Personalized Digital Assistant

Fred Takes over sales administration tasks for sales reps
Cuts 70% of Sales Admin Work Read More

Automated Proposal Generation

Automate Proposal Generation, Delivery and Tracking

Rick Delivers professional proposals to prospects first
Improves Win Rates and Tracking Read More

Knowledge Bots for Sales Professionals

Learn how Knowledge Bots Grow Sales


Automated Sales Qualification and Advisement.


Save valuable sales time by probing customer needs using key sales qualification questions in an engaging fashion. What’s more bots never forget to ask critical questions and can uncover opportunities for capturing more wallet share.


With guided selling and advisement every rep can become proficient much more quickly, answering questions that typically would be fielded by more seasoned veterans.


Routes prospects to the right resource at the right time and removes manual administrative work from sales process.


Companies can recapture significant selling time by allowing a Digital Administrator to route prospects to the best sales rep after completing automated qualification.


Administrative tasks can consume as much as 70% of a sales rep’s time. Double your sales capacity by augmenting your sales team with Knowledge Bots that can perform repetitive tasks such as populating CRM/ERP or making requests for pricing, inventory or SKUs.


Automated Generation of Proposals, Statements of Work (SOW’s) allow you to:

  • Enforce Standards to Maintain Control and Visibility

  • Close more Deals more quickly

  • Cut Time, Effort and Errors

  • Increase Win Rates


Record why go/no go on each conversation.


Measure profitability of every sale.


Identify which sales conversations yield the highest conversion rates and order sizes.


Determine the time and effort is spent on each sale with an AI-Powered Sales funnel.

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