Age of Knowledge Workers

Knowledge Bots as a Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge Economy

The Age of Knowledge Workers in the Knowledge Economy

Peter Drucker coined the term Knowledge Worker to refer to people whose main capital is to think for a living. They work with their heads, not their hands.

Drucker identified the knowledge economy as the latest stage in the world’s economic restructuring as it has transformed from an agricultural to industrial to services and now a knowledge economy.

The key competitive advantage for companies in this new era is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge workers through technology and automation.  

Just as industrial robots transformed physical work, AI Knowledge Bots are poised to transform knowledge work.  The key goal of Knowledge Bots is to take over the repetitive rule-based activities and free up their human co-workers to focus on higher level and more creative work.

Embracing Knowledge Bots is the key to competing in todays Knowledge Economy.

“increasing the productivity of knowledge workers is the most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century.”

Peter Drucker, 2005