eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Cuts Design Times from hours to minutes


Ian the Knowledge Bot Serves up Best Practice Playbooks and Reference Designs


Remove Bottlenecks and Offset Technical Expert Labor Shortages

Productivity Improvement
SLA Improvement


  • Companies face massive labor shortages for technical experts.
  • Scarce experts create massive bottlenecks during peak load.
  • Revenue goals and SLA’s can be missed if just one technical expert gets sick, quits or takes a vacation.
  • Turnover often accelerates when experts are forced to perform repetitive low-level tasks

Traditional Approach:

Technical experts are spread thin and lack central knowledge base:

  • Manual high touch effort with multi-day response times. 

Digital Advisor:

Easy to use Knowledge Base of Best Practice  Solution Playbooks and Reference Designs.



  • Removes Engineering Bottlenecks:  Automated Process allows best design for all opportunities not some.
  • Eliminates Duplication: Engineers no longer “re-invent the wheel” with shared repository of reusable designs.
  • Cuts Opportunity Cost:  Valuable Technical Resources don’t waste time on small instead of large sales.
  • Improve Win Rates with Rapid Turnaround Times:  Knowledge Base cuts customer delays.  
  • Insures Attach of Margin Making Options/Services:  Best Practices insure attach of key value added services.
  • Removes Revenue Risks: Shortages of technical experts is alleviated

eXalt Knowledge Bots allow us to drive best practices and sell complete solutions. We have cut our design times from 18 hours to just a few minutes. We are more immune to staffing shortages. We can scale technical expertise throughout our organization and improve our SLA's.

-Engineering Manager, Reseller


Knowledge Bot created a central Knowledge Base of Best Practice Reference Designs and Solution Playbooks that can be shared by Engineering and Sales.  Knowledge Bot collects user requirements and provides best practice design recommendations.

Benefit to Reseller:

Knowledge Bot advisor for best practices provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates Delays – 100% of Sales Reps Provided Best Practice Ref Designs.  Don’t wait for engineers.
  • Improves Solution Revenue – Changed the conversation from selling SKUs to selling solutions.  (74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add UNIQUE value. - Corporate Visions)
  • Gives Technical Resources  more time to sell:  Eliminate waste.
  • Scales Sales without adding overhead
  • Supports Sales of Multi-Vendor Solutions
  • Taps Underserved Markets like SMB:  Previously Reseller lacked technical resources go to market.
  • Removes Revenue Risk:  Sufficient resources during peak load time periods.  Insulated from risk of employee turnover, illness or vacation.