eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Triple Knowledge Retention and Cut Training Time in Half


Brian the Knowledge Bot trains every rep without taking them off the sales desk


Avoid Disruptive Partner Training

Content Retention
Cut in Training Time
Recovered Sales Time


How do you make every rep an expert without taking them off the sales desk for training?  Few can complete training to become an expert.   Each Vendor product requires 1 hour of sales training and  2 hours of technical training annually.  For 500 products this can consume over 25% of sales capacity annually.

Traditional Approach:

Hours of Lunch and Learn Trainings which has a large opportunity cost when reps are taken off the sales desk.


eXalt Knowledge Bots:

  • Digital Advisor: Digital Advisor instantly makes every rep an expert during every conversation – cuts learning curve.
  • Digital Administrator:  Optional use of Gamification Grading.


Greater Sales Productivity

  • Cut time to train
  • Cut cost to train
  • Cut opportunity cost from training
  • Remove knowledge gaps from classic training

As we added more product lines we kept losing up to 12% of our sales capacity to training that ultimately was forgotten within hours or days. Knowledge Bots cut training times and the opportunity costs associated with taking reps off of the sales desk.

-Director of Training, Large Reseller


Knowledge Bot Reinforces Partner Training without use of needless powerpoints and videos in Lunch and Learns.

Benefit to Vendor:

  • Become Easiest to Sell and Greater Mind Share.
  • Triple Knowledge Retention:  Learners only recall 10-30% of what they are taught through presentation.  Learning in a real world situation they recall 90%!
  • Re-apply knowledge at time of sale
  • Automated SPIFF Management with Grading

Benefit to Seller:

  • Saved Hours of training, Hours of Reading
  • Created More Experts in sales force!  
  • Cut Training Opportunity Cost– more time spent selling.