Recommendation Systems Solve Buyer Business Problems

AI Recommendation Engines Influence Buyers When It Matters Most

Become the Buyer’s Trusted Advisor with a Recommendation System

Today buyers wait until they are 70% of the way through the purchase decision before they contact a sales rep (Pace Productivity). Buyers prefer to self-educate and self-serve rather than be pressured to buy from a sales rep.

Unfortunately, as much as 90% of the static content created by marketing as product advisors is never viewed by sales reps or buyers. In the end, companies are left without an ability to influence and educate buyers. And many buyers are left never knowing if they have made the optimal choice.

But every buyer can benefit from great advice especially as product choices are continuously growing. Amazon and Netflix have significantly grown sales with recommender systems that nudge buyers to consider products they may not have discovered on their own.

eXalt Knowledge Bots take recommender systems to the next level - delivering confidence to B2C and B2B buyers seeking personalized solutions.

Knowledge Bots acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise to serve as a trusted advisor:

  • product recommenders that upsell based on user value
  • solution recommenders that cross sell and addon sell to create complete solutions
  • content recommenders that find and deliver necessary reference materials to justify a sale and more to help drive closure of purchase decisions.


Soon every website must incorporate recommendation systems to compete. And the AI recommendation engine inside eXalt Knowledge Bots is unique in their ability to recommend complete solutions that are personalized for each buyer and their business problem.

>15% of visitors admit to buying recommended products.


The Benefits For You

Benefits of AI Recommendation Engines

Grow Revenues
35% of Amazon Purchases come from an AI recommendation engine. (McKinsey)

Online giants Amazon and Netflix have made recommendation systems central to their revenue growth strategy.

Companies that do not invest in recommenders do so at their peril. No other technology has accelerated revenue growth at the leading digital brands than recommendation systems that assist buyers in their journey.

Grow Profits
75% of what users watch on Netflix come from product recommendations using algorithms. (McKinsey)

Recommendations for complete solutions that include margin making options is a proven method to improve profitability.

Knowledge Bots insure not just add on sales but profitable add on sales that meet customer requirements.

And buyers that trust solution advisors to give them advice in their best interest tend to be satisfied returning customers who offer higher lifetime value and profitability.

Cut Sales Cycles
20% conversion rate improvement was realized by Alibaba by using a product recommendation engine.

Knowledge Bots remove the  friction and delays in the buyer journey.

By providing instant answers and single click through calls to action, sales cycles are compressed to a fraction of the time.

Re-Imagine Your Customer Experience with a Recommendation System

Product Recommenders
Product Recommenders
Solution Recommenders
Solution Recommenders
Content Recommenders
Content Recommenders

Case Studies of Recommendation Systems

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Grow Revenues by Solving Buyer Business Problems

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