Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

AI-Based Document Administrators

Accelerate Document Based Business Processes

Unstructured human readable documents are the primary method for record keeping, communication, collaboration, and transactions across many business processes. Unlocking unstructured content from documents requires human high touch processing.

As more document processing is required so is more headcount. Companies that throw more bodies at tedious processing experience high turnover and expenses. And those that turn to Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) experience delays, errors and hidden costs.

To scale document-based processes companies need less human touch and more intelligent automation.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots remove the friction inherent in transactions that involve people and documents to create faster, easier, more convenient, and secure processes.

Imagine Knowledge Bots:

  • Reading documents in multiple formats (word, pdfs, etc) and extracting critical information in the blink of an eye.
  • Reading Images and extracting critical content, converting it to text with OCR and correcting it with ML/NLP
  • Generating and delivering documents (Quotes, Proposals, SOW’s, Contracts, Redacted Legal Documents) with personalized content for each recipient.


Even better, this fully integrated mindset is continuously learning and self-reports throughput and accuracy confidence levels for its work - allowing you to measure true process metrics and develop SLA’s.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots unlock human bottlenecks that hold your business back by providing expertise instantly in a consistent, actionable and scalable form.

Unlike human labour, Knowledge Bots can be replicated instantly at low cost - dramatically offsetting talent shortages by offloading lower end tasks.

More than 80% of decision makers noted a clear or pressing need for Digital Transaction Management.


The Benefits for You

Benefits of AI-Based Document Based Process Automation

Remove Bottlenecks
Free up Resources involved in tedious document processing, creation, customization and generation.

Automated Generation can cut hours from Document Turnaround and Errors.

Knowledge Bots work independently or collaboratively with human experts removing delays and iterations. Peak Load shortages are identified by types of technical expertise to help plan resources and establish SLAs.

Close more deals more quickly
98% companies reported revenue impact from poor transaction management. 37% of them said impact was 11% -25%

The first one to deliver quality proposals, SOWs and Quotes usually wins. Add in high quality templates and sales can grow.

Robotic Process Automation automatically creates Best Practice SOW’s without manual effort of using multiple websites and applications.

Continuous Improvement
AI Based Document Processing and Generation is always learning

With an AI based engine your process is getting better, faster and cheaper every day.


Accelerate content extraction from unstructured documents. Remove bottlenecks.


eXalt Knowledge Bots captured content from human readable documents, exported this data into multiple formats (Excel, Word, CSV, XML, etc) and updated back end systems.

10x or more speedup in extracting content



Advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Generates complex SOW’s without manual work of interacting with dozens of websites and applications.


eXalt Knowledge Bots work for a large technology company to independently qualify prospects for business requirements, create solutions and generate complex SOW’s, proposals and quotes. Sales and Technical teams reclaim 50-70% of their time spent copying and pasting content into PowerPoint, Word, Visio and Excel to create SOW’s.

Cut 50-70% of the time spent Generating SOW’s and Quotes



Integrate Images processing into your business workflow with ease.


Users take photos of prescriptions and email them to the Knowledge Bot for use on a patient website. The Knowledge Bot converts images to text using OCR, recognizes key fields such as Drug Name and Dosage using ML and assigns confidence levels. Before updating a secure file system, the Knowledge Bot corrects and standardizes content.

Cut time for medical intake by one-third (1/3rd)



Redacting text documents is no longer a manual activity subject to disclosure risks.


eXalt Knowledge Bots classified content for redaction for a government website:

- Personal Identifying Information (PII): Name, address, phone, SS number

- Class or Conceptual Identifying Information (CII): Information pertaining to a class such as Products and Pricing

Cut risk & time in transferring sensitive information by 50%