ROI of Knowledge Bots as Co-Workers

Hire Knowledge Bots as Co-workers

Knowledge Work as a Service goes beyond getting yet another “software tool” that simply performs automation.

Each eXalt Knowledge Bot becomes a fully trained co-worker on your team.

The high cost, risk, delays and inflexibility of maintaining software are removed.

81% of executives think that within two years AI will be working next to humans in their organization as "a co-worker, collaborator and trusted adviser".



Instant ROI

The effective hourly rate of a Knowledge Bot is a small fraction of the hourly rate of a human worker, offering instant ROI.  And there is no overhead from benefits or facilities - making ROI even higher.

No more personnel headaches!

  • No hiring delays costs
  • No firing issues
  • No turnover
  • No vacations
  • No illness
  • No training hassles