eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Double Order Sizes


Ben the Knowledge Bot Provides Solution Configuration, Price and Quote


Automate the Configuration and Design of Interoperable Multi-Vendor Solutions

Order Sizes
Reduction in Errors


How do you build customized complete and interoperable designs comprising dozens of vendors for every prospect?

Traditional Approach:

Use traditional Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software.

  • User Experience Compromised:  High touch process with technical experts manually weaving multi-vendor solution together by using separate CPQ silo tools that do not integrate:
    • Manually assess if result is an interoperable solution
    • Multiple quotes for different vendors is often required.
  • Difficult and Expensive to Build and Maintain:
    • High Upfront Costs:  Companies spend $3 in customization for every $1 in software.
    • High Maintenance Costs:  To get value from CPQ systems, you must constantly update content and rules.  Often companies spend more on content maintenance of the products and rules than on software and customization!
    • Out-of-Date: CPQ rules do not get updated regularly

eXalt Knowledge Bots:

Self-Learning System that dramatically reduces the cost to build and time to deploy.  Codeless architecture allows rapid development and deployment.

  • Digital Advisor:  Collects user requirements and outputs solution with all Bill of Material (BOM) line items.
  • Digital Administrator:  Create and save Quote Document in searchable repository integrated with CRM/ERP.


  • Dramatically Improves Solution Selling:  Customers given complete solution to a business problem.
  • Improves Turnaround Time:  Deliver in Record Time.

Our company needs to configure products from dozens of brands plus our services to build a complete solution for our customers. This adds complexity in our sales process. eXalt’s AI-based Knowledge Bots are able to build complete interoperable solutions in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the error when compared to manual methods. Plus AI-based CPQ with Knowledge Bots cut our CPQ development and maintenance costs to a fraction of traditional methods.

-Engineering Manager, Reseller


Knowledge Bot insures Customer Business Problem is solved. Bot assesses customer requirements and determines optimal interoperable solution.


Company Achieved Following:

  • Doubled Order Sizes
  • Cut Delivery Times from 18 hours to minutes
  • Increased attach
  • Improved win rate with rapid high quality responses
  • Cut Error Rates in Half
  • Cost to develop and maintained was a fraction of traditional methods