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Tenant Customization

Growth in the channel has been driven by the same “funded head” concept for 30 years – with very little change or innovation.  The model is where a vendor pays the cost of employing a staff member at a distributor or reseller to help grow sales.

But the question that has never really been answered is – “Is it worth it?”  Here are the known issues that channel chiefs have complained about for years with using funded heads:

  • Expensive – The cost of a single funded head at a partner can easily cost six figures.
  • Low coverage of partner reps and opportunities – One single funded head can only support a small fraction of sales desks and a smaller fraction of opportunities at the desks that are covered.
  • Lack of Ability to Measure ROI – No one can really measure how many opportunities a funded head has helped with and their true impact on sales.
  • Doesn’t Scale – Ignoring costs, it is not feasible to find, hire and train enough funded heads to support massive channel ecosystems comprised of thousands or tens of thousands of partners.
  • No Impact on Differentiation Partner Loyalty – Funded Heads offers little differentiation.  If you offer funded heads, so can your competition.  

eXalt Knowledge Bots now offer an alternative to funded heads!  Channel chiefs can deploy a fully customized version of a Knowledge Bot at each Distributor and Reseller for a fraction of the cost of a funded head.  Each bot can self-replicate and provide unlimited support during peak load.  Channel chiefs generate unprecedented loyalty as each personalized Knowledge Bot can change the efficiency and profitability for the channel partners.  And channel partners focus on what is easiest and most profitable to sell.