eXalt Helps Fortune 500 Company Advise 100% of Partners on 100% of Sales Opportunities 24x7


Joe the Knowledge Bot is the funded head that Never Sleeps, Vacations or gets Sick


Scale Knowledge and Expertise Across a Large World-Wide Partner Network

Partner Coverage
Opportunity Coverage


How do you scale knowledge and expertise across a large world wide partner network?

Traditional Approach:

Expensive Funded Heads:

  • Low Partner Coverage: Due to expense it can be provided to only large partners.  
  • Low Opportunity Coverage: A single resource can only touch a small percent of the opportunities a small percent of the time.
  • Limited Visibility of ROI:  Unable to see activity or ROI.

eXalt Knowledge Bots:

  • Digital Advisor: Provides Expert Technical Advisors for 100% Partners - 100% Opportunities -100% time.
  • Digital Administrator:  Seamless handoff to Sales.
  • Digital Analyst:  Real Time Visibility.


  • Tap underserved Markets with scalable resource
  • Increase Win Rate
  • Increase Up Sell and Attach Rate
  • Decrease Errors

We have used funded heads to help scale sales at partners for 20 years. It was time to try something new. eXalt Knowledge Bots give us the ability to enable all not just some of our partners and gain better visibility of true sales activity in real time – it’s a total game changer.

-Partner Relationship Manager, Technology Company


Vendor Provided Knowledge Bots that offered Advanced Technical Support to even the smallest partners across a world-wide partner community in excess of 50,000 companies and 100,000’s of users.  The Knowledge Bots were available 24x7.

Benefit to Vendor:

Vendor was able to tap underserved markets where technical support could not be cost justified:

  • Measured ROI of partner investments for the first time and was able to correlate to sales.

Benefit to Reseller:

100% of Sales Reps Provided Technical Support for 100% of Opportunities.

Benefit to Distributor:

Scale Revenue without adding overhead.  Now able to tap underserved markets in SMB which previously had little or no support.