eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Double Sales Productivity


Jane the Knowledge Bot independently qualifies buyer requirements


Provide every Rep their own personalized assistant for sales qualification

Sales Productivity
Reduction in Errors


  • Reps lack vocabulary and skills to be trusted advisor
  • Reps don’t know how to profile opportunity
  • Insufficient Technical Resources to Assist in Sales
  • Small Percentage of Reps Selling key Applications
  • Win Rates are Low due to Slow Turnaround

Traditional Approach:

Reps sell only what they know and often forget to properly qualify opportunities.  Companies must add headcount with more sales reps if they want to grow revenue


eXalt Knowledge Bots:

Sell More with Same Reps

  • Digital Advisor: Independently conducts qualifying conversation to properly profile opportunity and sell the complete product line.
  • Digital Administrator:  Seamless handoff to Sales and Grades the quality of the Opportunity.


  • Greater Sales Productivity and Profitable Revenue Growth.
  • Cut time to qualify for need:  4-8 minutes
  • Cut time to qualify for solution: 4-8 minutes
  • Cut Iterations and Errors
  • Enable 100% of Reps to sell 100% of Line Card

Buyers are looking for a solution to their business problem. The key is to make sure that you ask all of the proper qualifying questions so you can route them to the right resource at the right time. This is where eXalt’s Knowledge Bots excel – they ask all the relevant qualifying questions and determine if the person should be routed to sales or engineering and more importantly the optimal resource in these organizations.

-Sales Manager, Distributor


Benefit to Sales Reps:

Each rep has its own bot so they can be in many places at once and met or exceeded quota.

Benefit to Resellers:

Bots can double the productivity of a sales rep and enable growth into new markets by:

  • Properly qualifying opportunities and can automatically routing to the optimal resources.
  • Making reps comfortable to have a conversation about any solution on the line card.
  • Gaining better visibility of Win-Loss Rates by improved qualification of opportunities.