Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

AI-Based Application Updates and Integration

Bridge Integration Gaps and Improve Productivity

Updating mission critical CRM, ERP, marketing and sales applications can be time consuming – sapping worker productivity. Some estimates show as much as 70% of employee effort is lost to updating these applications. Keeping multiple applications up-to-date and in sync only compounds the effort for valuable staff members. It’s no wonder companies are re-evaluating their CRM investments when Total Cost of Ownership is soaring due to excessive labor effort.

There are limited solutions to keeping applications up-to-date and in sync. Companies that throw more bodies at these tedious tasks experience high turnover and excessive expense. And those that turn to Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) experience delays, errors and hidden costs.

Traditional automation needs considerable effort to get running and even more maintenance to keep it running after deployment causing some enterprises to abort automation projects:

  • Delays: 63% missed release dates. (Deloitte)
  • Risk: 30-50% of Process Automation projects fail. (EY)


To recapture lost employee productivity and enable workers to focus on high value work, companies need intelligent automation to keep critical CRM, ERP and other business applications updated and in sync.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots perform the swivel chair like data entry that saps the productivity of many workers. Imagine the efficiency your company will gain when Knowledge Bots are:

  • Automatically updating multiple custom and commercial applications in a seamless manner via API’s.
  • Interacting with applications via forms and interfaces to populate data where API’s are not available.
  • Retrieving and processing information from many applications before entering content into another application
  • Presenting content from multiple applications to workers in “one pane of glass”

Even better, these automated Bots can be trained and deployed without coding – cutting delays, risk and expense.

Over 20% of sales professionals cited manual data entry as their top CRM challenge (HubSpot)

Less than 37% of sales reps actually use their company’s CRM system (CSO Insights)

51% of CRM customers cited data synchronization as a major issue (CSO Insights)

42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces and multiple business applications (Forrester Research)

30% of marketers say having disparate data sources is a main reason why they can’t glean useful insights from customer data (GetBase)

The Benefits for You

Benefits of AI-Based Application Integration

Cut CRM, ERP Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Improve ROI
Slash labor effort associated with CRM, ERP TCO.

Most companies look at simple licensing costs for CRM, ERP applications that seem inexpensive at $10-$50/user/month.

But hidden labor costs are the most significant expense with these applications and they add up quickly! User effort at just 1-2 hours/day in data entry can generate expenses far in excess of the basic license costs by 10 times or more! This data overload causes many workers to resist adopting these applications.

Knowledge Bots takeover manual data entry and admin tasks cutting the labor effort associated with maintaining these applications and improving ROI and adoption.

Keep Multiple Systems in Sync with Seamless Integration
Quickly link islands of automation together and keep them in sync

The number of automation islands inside of marketing, sales and operations is growing daily. Linking just two islands together is no easy task and getting answers from two applications jointly is near impossible.

Knowledge Bots can bridge these gaps by storing and retrieving information from disparate applications for you without the hassle.

Knowledge Bots offer out of the box integration with leading CRM, ERP and Marketing applications and can easily integrate with custom applications as well.

Keep High Value People Working on High Value Tasks
Free up Resources involved in tedious manual entry

People get to focus on high end tasks when Knowledge Bots are added to the workforce. Knowledge Bots remove needless manual entry tasks and bridge information gaps that previously required manual intervention.


Automatically update CRM Customer Records.


Knowledge Bots at a Fortune 500 company, advise customers and immediately update all relevant content in CRM, Marketing and Sales Systems in real time in a standardized format. Unlike human entry which may have errors and lack standardization across users Knowledge Bots enter content in a standard format every time.

Automate Sales processes and restore time back to sales teams.



Automatically update Marketing Campaigns.


Knowledge Bots were embedded in a personalized outbound marketing campaign to drive refresh of servers to newer generation solutions. Knowledge Bots immediately update statistics in back end CRM and Marketing Software and track conversion from lead to quote and quote to order providing true Campaign ROI metrics.

Gain visibility of Campaign Effectiveness



Automatically update CRM Opportunity Records.


Knowledge Bots were embedded in a vendor’s website to advise on solutions and create leads. The Knowledge Bots instantly created and updated Sales Opportunities with Quotes, Bill of Materials and other critical sales documentation it generated on the fly.

Cut 50-70% of the time spent Generating SOW’s and Quotes and storing content in CRM Applications



Accelerate Quote to Order Processes.


eXalt Knowledge Bots streamlined the Quote to Order Process for an eCommerce website. The eCommerce site only supported catalog transactions and lacked the ability to quote solutions. Knowledge Bots created an extensive Bill of Material for the buyer, retrieved part numbers, inventory and pricing for line items before updating ERP Order Systems.

Cut Time to Order by 50% and Improve Conversion Rates