Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

Digital Document Administrators

One-Click Document Customization, Generation and Delivery

Achieve Operational Excellence

Closing Deals can be delayed due to delays in creating SOWs, Proposals, Quotes and Contracts.

eXalt removes the friction inherent in transactions that involve people, documents, and data to create faster, easier, more convenient, and secure processes. Go beyond simple document generation to include rules based dynamic calculations, e-signatures, document transfer , cloud storage and access monitoring.

More than 80% of decision makers noted a clear or pressing need for Digital Transaction Management.


The Benefits For You

Benefits of Digital Transaction Management
# Cut time and effort

Free up Resources involved in tedious document creation, customization and generation.

Automated Generation can cut hours from Document Turnaround and Errors. Many companies gain back 50-70% of time spent by valuable resources copying and pasting content into powerpoint, word and excel.

# Close more deals more quickly

98% companies reported revenue impact from poor transaction management. 37% of them said impact was 11% -25%

The first one to deliver quality proposals, SOWs and Quotes usually wins. Add in high quality templates and sales can grow.

# Maintain Control and Visibility

Electronic Delivery and Notice Gives Control and Visibility over the process

Each Template is standardized and controlled removing opportunities for error. Each Document is stored and tracked for customer activity. No more lack of visibility of the traffic that is trapped inside of emails. All entries are digital and available for management reporting.

Digitally Manage Document-Based Transactions

By YE 2016, 70% of large enterprises will have a DTM initiative underway or fully implemented. Aragon Research

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