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AI-Based Technical Interaction Management (TIM)

Free Up the Best and Brightest Experts

Free Up the Best and Brightest Experts

Business services dependent upon skilled experts are being challenged like never before.

It’s harder to find, recruit and keep high priced talent that is in short supply while services are being commoditized and profit margins are being compressed.

A company’s survival and customer experience are often dependent upon the critical skills known by a just a few experts.

Unfortunately, these scarce experts create massive bottlenecks during peak load. Even in the largest companies, revenue goals and SLA’s can be missed if just one technical expert gets sick, quits or takes a vacation. Turnover often accelerates when experts are forced to perform repetitive low-level tasks.

Companies that continue to keep knowledge locked in the minds of a few experts put their customer experience and revenue at risk, will not scale and risk losing market share to competitors who can pay higher salaries.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots democratize the knowledge and skills known to a few and make it more accessible and valuable to everyone and ultimately enable new ways to solve some of businesses toughest challenges.

Imagine cloning the mindsets and skills of your best experts so key skills are never lost and best practices are defined and kept safe. More importantly imagine applying the collective crowd wisdom of all your experts to a problem at once! Why rely on the opinion of any single expert – everyone makes mistakes. Now imagine that all your experts are fully trained in each other’s history and no one forgets or re-invents the wheel! Even better, this fully integrated mindset is continuously learning new ways to solve problems - improving the skills of your team in the blink of an eye.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots unlock human bottlenecks by providing expertise instantly in a consistent, actionable and scalable form.

Unlike human labour, Knowledge Bots can be replicated instantly at low cost - dramatically offsetting talent shortages by offloading lower end tasks performed by experts or creating innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Scaling the experts won’t replace experts. It will magnify them, extend their reach, making it possible to recreate the advice of thousands of experts faster, better and cheaper to any area of your business. It will also collaborate with them on more complex tasks, freeing them up to work on higher value work a higher percentage of the time. Resource shortages will be continuously measured and SLA’s will be met making your company proactive not reactive.

Insufficient Technical Expertise is a leading cause of business growth bottlenecks.

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The Benefits For You

Benefits of AI-Based Technical Interaction Management

Remove Bottlenecks

Strong Sellers….rely on collective skills in ways that weren’t possible a few short years ago. (HBR)

B2B sales requires technical expertise across disciplines to craft a viable solution. This high touch manual process creates bottlenecks and peak load shortages that hurt sales. Knowledge Bots provide expertise 24x7 to everyone anywhere removing these bottlenecks.

Knowledge Bots work independently or collaboratively with human experts removing delays and iterations. Peak Load shortages are identified by types of technical expertise to help plan resources and establish SLAs.


Drive Best Practices

AI democratizes knowledge shifting tasks previously reserved for specialists

eXalt clones the mindsets and best practices of your best experts and applies this collective crowd wisdom to a problem at once cutting delays and extending reach to every corner of the company to drive sales and cross brand attach rates.

Engineers and sales benefit from reusable reference designs and best practice qualification questions avoiding iterations and errors.

Robotic Process Automation automatically creates Best Practice SOW’s without manual effort of using multiple websites and applications.

High End Talent for High End Problems

Experts only spend 20% of their time on High End Tasks

Insure high end technical resources are freed up to work on high end tasks.










Democratize Knowledge and Skills

Unlimited Technical Expertise

Remove Bottlenecks and Offset Technical Expert Labor Shortages

Ian Serves up best practice playbooks and reference designs
Cuts Response Times from hours to minutes Read More

Automated SOW Generation

Insure that Services are Attached to Every Possible Sale

Joanne Creates SOW's
Increases Differentiation and Doubles Attach of Value Added Services Read More

AI-Based Solution CPQ

Automate the Configuration and Design of Interoperable Multi-Vendor Solutions

Ben Provides solution configuration, price and quote
Doubles Order Size Read More

Knowledge Bots for Technical Professionals

Learn how Knowledge Bots Scale Technical Expertise


Drive best practices and sell complete solutions. Scale technical expertise and knowledge and remove bottlenecks.


A single source of truth insures better productivity and eliminates costly errors. Without a knowledge base companies cannot effectively share knowledge or improve.


eXalt’s Knowledge Bots go beyond simple product configuration and instead are intelligent co-workers that provide advice on full solutions. AI-based CPQ recognizes that nothing is sold alone and is capable of blending and building a complete solution across a surrounding value chain of 3rd party products (hardware, software, services, leasing).


Routes prospects to the right resource at the right time and removes manual administrative work from sales process.



Advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Generates complex SOW’s without manual work of interacting with dozens of websites and applications.


Knowledge Bots prioritize where to apply scarce expertise to get the “most bang for the buck”. Companies can improve productivity and results by allowing a Digital Administrator to route prospects to these subject matter experts and manage follow-up.


Creating a B2B Solution often involves an ecosystem of manufacturers and a multi-tier sales channel of 6-12 partners each requiring multiple requests for deal registration, special pricing, part numbers, availability. eXalt Knowledge Bots automatically identify, make and manage these requests for the user and weave them into the solution - removing the work for the user.


Automated Generation of complex services SOW’s is fully automated with Digital Administrators performing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Engineers can reclaim as much as 50-70% of their time spent copying and pasting content into PowerPoint, Word, Visio and Excel to create rich SOW’s:

  • Robotic Process Automation


Analyze requests for technical assistance and establish SLA’s


Technical expertise is difficult to scale ans sales suffer due to slow response times. With Knowledge Bots working collaboratively with human experts it is easy to identify peak load shortages by types of technical expertise. This reduces risks to revenue at end of quarter or due to seasonality.

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