eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Increase Win Rates by 10%


Rick the Knowledge Bot makes you first to deliver Professional Proposals to prospects


Automate Proposal Generation, Delivery and Tracking

Sales Productivity
Increase in Revenue


  • Delays in delivering proposals hurts win rates
  • 50-70% of time spent copying and pasting content into powerpoint, word and excel.  Low Quality Proposals given in haste with errors.  

Traditional Approach:

Sales manually creates proposals, sends emails and cannot track if prospect opened the proposal.  Long delays hurt win rates.


eXalt Knowledge Bot:

  • Digital Advisor:  Insures complete quote of complete and accurate solution.
  • Digital Administrator:  Automated Generation of Proposals, and Quotes. Automated Email Routing removes delays and effort.
  • Digital Analyst:  Tracks if Proposals were opened.  Tracks Open Rate/Close Rate based on Solution Types.


Improve Sales Productivity and Win Rates

  • Cut Effort
  • Cut Iterations and Errors
  • Improve Win Rates

The first one to deliver a quality proposal usually wins. eXalt Knowledge Bots give us the edge in our race against the competition. What’s more we know if the prospect opened our proposal – tracking the delivery is extremely valuable in analyzing our win loss analysis.

-Sales Manager, Reseller


Benefit to Sales Reps:

Reps were able to spend more time selling.

Benefit to Resellers:

Increased Win Rates and Agility:

  • Increased Win Rates - The First Company to issue a professional proposal usually wins.
  • Reseller Achieved Operational Excellence with AI Based Proposal Generation and Tracking:
    • Maintain Control and Visibility
    • Close more Deals more quickly
    • Remove opportunity for Error
    • Cut Time and Effort
    • Enforce Standards