Accelerate Sales Velocity up to 25X

Knowledge Bots Are the Key to Profitable Sales Growth

eXalt AI Knowledge Bots effortlessly increase the quality, quantity and conversion of sales leads.  Improvement in the yield at every step of the sales funnel can result in a 25x acceleration in sales velocity.  With an AI-powered sales funnel, companies are able to sell more, more profitably.


AI Powered Direct Sales


Marketing Scale

eXalt AI Knowledge Bots multiply the efforts of your inbound and outbound marketing teams and can attract more buyers by solving customer business problems.  Lead generation success rates soar with personalized advice tailored for each buyer and the ability to route hot leads to designated sales reps without delay.


Sales Growth

eXalt AI Knowledge Bots help you sell smarter and faster.  Sales productivity soars by ensuring every opportunity is properly qualified and collaborating in real time with customers.  Win rates can double as reps chase only well-qualified leads and are first to deliver rich proposals to prospects ready to buy.


Technical Expertise and the Power to Differentiate

eXalt AI Knowledge Bots set you apart from the competition.  Differentiation through selling solutions and value-added services is delivered every time on every sale.  Sales teams don’t lose valuable selling time with admin tasks as each team member has their own personalized administrator.