Personalized Email Drives Winning Customer Experiences

Triggered Emails Send Fewer Emails and Get More Results

Target buyers with the right message at right time with Personalized Email

Prospective buyers are often lost before completing the discovery process for your products and solutions. They may have looked at solutions but never the value or they abandoned the purchase process.

Event triggered Emails are one of the best ways to re-engage these buyers, but many businesses fail in their attempts. Instead of sending personalized value-packed content, they run generic automated campaigns without offering any value or personalized insights.

eXalt Knowledge Bots make sure interested buyers are always engaged and never lost by automatically sending triggered and personalized emails buyers find valuable by using AI in email marketing.

By harvesting user behavior and using AI predictive analytics each triggered email message is personalized and optimized. Instead of reminding the buyer to revisit it instead helps them through the process with calls to action that can be completed in just a single click.

Knowledge Bots send different triggered emails on different events to build loyalty and trust. If a buyer abandons any interaction with a Knowledge Bot advisor they will receive a re engagement email containing personalized solution recommendations and actionable ROI information. Product introductions, availability and price email alerts are sent to buyers who have shown interest in specific products. Buyers are nudged to consider higher end and add on products only when there is a strong return on investment story to warrant the upsell email or add on sell email. Previous buyers in the installed base are sent proactive renewal and refresh alerts that newer products may save them money in terms of total cost of ownership.

Knowledge Bots send personalized emails to provide buyer guidance based on financial value so they trust the recommendations they receive.

Triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate than other types of emails


The Benefits for You

Benefits of Personalized Email

Improve Customer Lifetime Value
138% more is spent by consumers who purchase products marketed through email than those who do not receive email offers. (Jeff Bulas)

Knowledge Bots proactively help customers cut Total Cost of Ownership by identifying solutions that allow them to break-even quickly. Knowledge Bots proactively examine buyer installed base purchase history and send personalized emails to buyers who will financially benefit from renewals or refresh of products.

Increase Upsell and Attach Rates
Companies who send automated personalized emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages that correspond with a customer’s purchase cycle. - Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups

Knowledge Bots nudge buyers with up sell and add on sell opportunities with fully personalized emails. Knowledge Bots justify each and every recommendation with a full financial justification for the buyer unlike traditional Emails. Ultimately the buyer gets a personalized and optimized solution assuring they get the most value for the money spent.

Improve Conversion Rates
Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. – Aberdeen

Knowledge Bots send re-engagement emails to prospective buyers with relevant information on the products and solutions they were considering. By providing insights on product value and financial benefit buyers get the information the value most – dramatically improving conversion.

When there are new product introductions or pricing changes prospects are sent event triggered emails keeping buyers engaged and up-to-date.

Re-Imagine Your Customer Experience with Personalized Email

Re-Engagement Emails
Re-Engagement Emails
Product & Price Email Alerts
Product & Price Email Alerts
Renewal, Affinity and Upsell Nudges
Renewal, Affinity and Upsell Nudges

Case Studies of Triggered Email

Proactively Engage Buyers with Messages They Find Valuable

Send Less Emails and Get More Results

Dave Targets buyers with right message at right time via Personalized EMAIL
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