Demand Shaping Spots Trends and Identifies Customer Needs

Optimize Pricing, Products and Promotions

Get Out in Front of Market Changes and Find Market Sweet Spots

Knowing how different buyers value different product features is at best a trial and error process that often goes undetermined by the finest of marketers.

But without this basic information, setting pricing and promotions becomes guess work at the cost of business profitability. Some companies test different incremental price points on the web in an attempt to determine value. But this can take time and not be practical when selling through partners or in dynamic markets. Even worse it causes buyers to delay due to confusion and uncertainty or result in commoditization.

Using classic price-performance curves also do not work as they ignore that a product and its performance are determined by the combination of features inside. Each of these features are valued differently by different segments of buyers or in the marketplace as a whole.

Ideally product planning, bundling, promotions and pricing is set by knowing the “relative utility” buyers place on individual features when combined into a solution.

Imagine a marketing advisor that informs you of the utility of your product features and lets you perform market share simulation based on changing price or features vis a vis your competition. Imagine forecasting with greater accuracy in dynamic markets where pricing and technology innovations obsolete offerings in just 12-24 months.

eXalt Knowledge Bots provide a new way to optimize pricing and promotions and accurately forecast in dynamic markets. The same Knowledge Bots that deliver recommendations to buyers are also learning and getting smarter about buyer choices and preferences. Knowing what buyers value most in dynamic markets is essential in determining optimal pricing, product offerings and bundles and fine tuning forecasting.

Ultimately Knowledge Bots using AI can learn more about buyers than they may know about themselves. Armed with predictive forecasting it can find ways to shape buyer behavior and determine the win-win in buyer interactions - the intersection where buyers find optimal choices and sellers are able to thrive with profitable interactions.

25% of shoppers get weekly or monthly promotional offers from retailers for items for which shoppers would have happily have paid full price.

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The Benefits for You

Benefits of Demand Shaping

Optimize Pricing & Promotions
Top performers across industries are nearly twice as likely to price dynamically. (Bain)

Knowledge Bots measure value of individual features. They then deliver actionable insights regarding pricing, promotions, bundling and product introductions.

AI based price optimization is the best defense against commoditization and insuring profitability on every transaction in modern dynamic marketplaces.

Improve Demand Forecasting
AI-powered forecasting can reduce errors by 30 to 50% in supply chain networks. (McKinsey)

Knowledge Bots perform predictive forecasting to help companies better perform in dynamic markets. Too many companies forecast by looking in the rear view mirror based on SKU volume which is of little value in markets undergoing disruption. Selling through indirect channels further obscures visibility - leaving companies to inspect out of date Point of Sale reports that lack detail.

Knowledge Bots give companies a continuous connection to buyer preferences that informs better predictive forecasting. And they can identify demand shifts through indirect and direct channels months earlier than simple POS reports

Learn What Maximizes Market Share
Netflix bought House of Cards based on what it learned about its users—through its recommender system: “Because we have a direct relationship with consumers, we know what people like to watch and that helps us understand how big the interest is going to be for a given show. “ Netflix

AI based Knowledge Bots unlock new opportunities and discover winning products with market share simulation. Companies can gauge the impact of product introductions, pricing changes and promotions on market share upfront to get in front of the competition.

Re-Imagine Your Product Planning with Demand Shaping

Price Optimization
Price Optimization
Promotion Optimization
Promotion Optimization
Predictive Forecasting
Predictive Forecasting
Market Share Simulation
Market Share Simulation

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Identify Product and Pricing Sweet Spots

Shape Demand and Gain Market Share

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