eXalt’s Knowledge Bots at Work

Marketing: Engage Customers At Scale

Reimagine Your Customer Experience with Knowledge Bots

Influence Demand Earlier

Grow Revenues by Solving Buyer Business Problems

Lisa Becomes buyer's trusted advisor with Value Based Solution Recommendations
Results in Double Revenue per Sale Read More

Prove Your Value in Every Buyer Discussion

Lead with Value not Price with Value Based Messaging

Katy Focuses Buyer Conversations on Value with Interactive TCO/ROI Justification
Cut Sales Delays and Improve Margins Read More

Improve Lead Generation

Create Constant Flow of Fresh High Quality Leads Direct to Sales Desks

Martin Builds meaningful lead pipeline with AI
Doubles the Quantity and Quality of Leads Read More

Proactively Engage Buyers with Messages They Find Valuable

Send Less Emails and Get More Results

Dave Targets buyers with right message at right time via Personalized EMAIL
Increase Sales from Existing Traffic Read More

Attract and Convert More Visitors

Use Next Generation Inbound - Give Before you Get Buyer Information

Ted Engages Buyers on their Terms and Builds Trust and Cuts Bounce Rates
Increase Inbound Leads by using AI Read More

Gain Greater Insight into CEX

Measure and Improve CEX along the Entire Buyer Journey

Matt Continuously Improves CEX by Measuring What Matters Most
Identify What Needs Improvement in CEX and How Read More

Identify Product and Pricing Sweet Spots

Shape Demand and Gain Market Share

Nancy Ensures Buyers find their ideal choices by finding what matters most
Optimize Pricing and Promotions Read More

Sales: Grow Revenues without Adding Headcount

Guide Reps through an Engaging Conversation with Every Customer

Automated Sales Qualification

Provide every Rep their own personalized assistant for sales qualification

Jane Independently qualifies buyer requirements
Doubles Sales Productivity Read More

Personal Sales Administration

Offload Admin Work to Personalized Digital Assistant

Fred Takes over sales administration tasks for sales reps
Cuts 70% of Sales Admin Work Read More

Automated Proposal Generation

Automate Proposal Generation, Delivery and Tracking

Rick Delivers professional proposals to prospects first
Improves Win Rates and Tracking Read More

Technical Experts: Free Up the Best and Brightest Experts

Democratize Knowledge

Unlimited Technical Expertise

Remove Bottlenecks and Offset Technical Expert Labor Shortages

Ian Serves up best practice playbooks and reference designs
Cuts Response Times from hours to minutes Read More

Automated SOW Generation

Insure that Services are Attached to Every Possible Sale

Joanne Creates SOW's
Increases Differentiation and Doubles Attach of Value Added Services Read More

AI-Based Solution CPQ

Automate the Configuration and Design of Interoperable Multi-Vendor Solutions

Ben Provides solution configuration, price and quote
Doubles Order Size Read More

Partner Management: Become Easiest to Sell and Do Business with

Reimagine Scaling Channel Sales

Virtual Funded Head

Scale Knowledge and Expertise Across a Large World-Wide Partner Network

Joe Is the funded head that never sleeps, vacations or gets sick
Advises 100% Partners on 100% Opportunities 100% of the Time 24x7 Read More

Non Disruptive Partner Training

Avoid Disruptive Partner Training

Brian Trains every rep without taking them off the sales desk
Triples Retention, Cuts Training Time in Half Read More

Personalized Tenants

Remove Friction and Delays in the Sales Process

Gary Seamlessly blends into partner sales process and systems
Accelerates Partner Sales Processes Read More