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Lead Routing, Predictive Lead Scoring and Automated Lead Nurturing

Build Meaningful Pipeline with Lead Management

Traditional Content Marketing creates a high volume of leads.

But Sales reps frequently do not use marketing leads because they are often stale and sorting the good leads from the bad leads is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Attempts by CRM systems to deliver a lead routing system has often failed when indirect sales channels are involved.

Even when a fresh quality lead is delivered to sales reps they lack the necessary insight and history to properly nurture and nudge the prospect.

Deploying Knowledge Bots allows marketing to build meaningful sales pipelines with lead management incorporating AI.

Knowledge Bots build trust with sales reps and ensure lead routing generates relevant and useful opportunities. Each lead is routed to the right sales rep at the right time assuring companies have their best resource addressing each opportunity in a timely manner. Knowledge Bots can be a lead routing systems for both companies and their sales partners.

Knowledge Bots provide predictive lead scoring that is different than most by going beyond simple buyer attributes and engagement and looking at solution fit and competitive advantage. This helps reps prioritize their efforts so they only chase the highest quality leads first. This scoring does not have the typical “cold start” problem faced by traditional AI predictive lead scoring software and can be useful day one regardless of funnel or customer size.

Knowledge bots provide automated lead nurturing guidance to reps on how best to convert and win the sale by understanding the utility and value of solution features for different buyers.

Sophisticated lead scoring rules help focus sales pipeline activity, which drives customer-facing reps to engage in more targeted, relevant and meaningful conversations, helping us result in a 32% increase in qualified lead conversion rates and a 125% improvement in average lead conversion time.

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The Benefits for You

Benefits of Lead Management Software

Grow Lead Quantity
70% of leads are lost from poor follow-up. (Gartner)

Lead management that routes leads to the right resource at the right time without delay increases the number of leads that are followed up by sales.

Improve Lead Quality
A 10% increase in lead quality can translate to a 40% increase in sales productivity. (Stu Schmidt, VP of Solution Sales - Cisco Webex)

Knowledge Bots deliver predictive lead scoring insights to sales reps by determining upfront if is this a sale that they can win.

Unlike traditional predictive lead scoring software, sales reps know exactly where they stand in terms of customer value and competitive strength with Knowledge Bot predictive lead scoring. Reps are provided the best insight by blending solution insights with traditional user behavior and attribute scores.

Boost Lead Conversion
35-50% of sales go to the vendor that is first to respond (InsideSales.com)

Knowledge Bots provide reps the highest quality leads and also the necessary insights to improve their chances of winning.

Knowledge Bot automated lead nurturing suggests changes to products and solutions that increase value and lower TCO improving win rates.

They can also recommend which opportunities to skip because they competitive score is too low or marginal.

Re-Imagine Your Customer Experience with Lead Management

Lead Routing
Lead Routing
Predictive Lead  Scoring
Predictive Lead Scoring

Automated Lead Nurturing
Automated Lead Nurturing

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Create Constant Flow of Fresh High Quality Leads Direct to Sales Desks

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