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AI-Based Partner Interaction Management (PIM)

Become Easiest to Sell and Easiest do Business with

Become Easiest to Sell and Easiest do Business with

As much of 80% of B2B sales are through the channel. (Cisco)

Vendors rely heavily on channel partners and must invest wisely to enable partners to sell their solutions. Partners prefer vendors that are the “easiest to sell” and “easiest to do business with”.

Traditional techniques to drive sales growth through indirect sales channels such as “Lunch and Learns” for training, Funded Heads to support sales, Outbound Lead Generation represent significant investments by Partner Relationship Managers and yet there is no clear method to measure the ROI on these programs. More importantly these programs do not scale – leaving a high percentage of channel partners without support and providing only limited sales coverage for those who do warrant support.

AI-Based eXalt Solutions Knowledge Bots represent a new way to enable all sales activity at all of your partners - not just some activity at some of your channel partners and measure ROI every step of the way.

Imagine virtual funded heads scaled throughout your world-wide channel instantly instead of a slow drip of shared tribal knowledge about your products using power points, pdfs and trainings. These unlimited virtual funded heads support every rep at every partner on 100% of their sales activity 24x7. And each virtual funded head can be fully customized to be seamlessly embedded into each partner’s sales process and systems making you easy to sell. And since each virtual funded head is self-aware it can identify opportunities for partners to sell more profitably and keep you notified of activity in real time. It also can continuously train reps keeping your solutions top of mind.

eXalt’s Knowledge Bots transform partner management with an unlimited personalized virtual workforce that can be deployed world-wide instantly.

By providing channel partners with unprecedented support at every sales desk you’ll become easiest to sell driving unprecedented sales growth.

4 out of 5 believe that in future, industry boundaries will dramatically blur as platforms reshape industries into interconnected ecosystems.


The Benefits For You

Benefits of AI-Based Partner Interaction Management

Unlimited Partner Support
Companies are transitioning from a workforce to a blended workforce of human labor and AI.

80% of B2B sales are made through partners. In recent years partner sales have hit a plateau as providing support to every rep at every partner for every sale is prohibitively expensive. Even onboarding new partners is problematic if you can’t provide sufficient technical support. This is where eXalt’s Knowledge Bots step in – they provide each and every rep instant expertise at their fingertips, faster onboarding, training and access to customized promotions fueling growth in sales.

Realtime Partner Measurement
Consumerization of products and services is trending toward lower prices and margins – requiring lower touch business models.

eXalt’s Knowledge Bots measure ROI of channel investments and identify ways to optimize promotions. With Knowledge Bots advising on opportunities and routing requests you gain unprecedented insight into ways to help each partner grow profitably.


Seamless Partner Integration
72% expect that within two years, they will see broad adoption of industry platforms that will integrate data with digital partners.

eXalt’s Knowledge Bots can be fully customized to fit seamlessly inside of partner’s sales process and integrate with partner systems. Enhance each partner’s profitability with less high touch manual entry, email and standalone silo tools or Portals.


Re-Imagine Scaling Channel Sales

Virtual Funded Head

Scale Knowledge and Expertise Across a Large World-Wide Partner Network

Joe Is the funded head that never sleeps, vacations or gets sick
Advises 100% Partners on 100% Opportunities 100% of the Time 24x7 Read More

Non Disruptive Partner Training

Avoid Disruptive Partner Training

Brian Trains every rep without taking them off the sales desk
Triples Retention, Cuts Training Time in Half Read More

Personalized Tenants

Remove Friction and Delays in the Sales Process

Gary Seamlessly blends into partner sales process and systems
Accelerates Partner Sales Processes Read More

Knowledge Bots for Partner Management Professionals

Learn how Knowledge Bots Scale Channel Sales


Virtual Funded Heads provide expertise for every rep at every partner 24x7.


eXalt’s Knowledge Bots provide effective technical support to 100% of partners 100% of the time without the hassle of staffing funded heads who can provide only limited coverage.


In B2B products can have a 100% annual change rate. Continuous training is required to keep products top of mind at channel partners. eXalt’s Knowledge Bots provide an ever-present advisor cutting learning curves and cutting hours lost in lunch and learns.


eXalt’s Knowledge Bots take the “guesswork” out of defining promotions and pricing. This allows Partner Managers to influence demand in the channel:

  • Product Bundles and partner specific soft bundles

  • SPIFFs

  • Discounts and Pricing


Remove friction with seamless integration with partner processes and systems.


eXalt’s Knowledge Bots can be fully customized for every partner. Areas of customization include:

  • Branding and Chatbot Dialog

  • Part Numbers, Pricing and Availability

  • Views

  • Collaboration


eXalt’s Knowledge Bots can be fully integrated with partner processes and systems. This removes the silos and friction typically associated with most standalone partner “Tools”.

  • CRM and ERP Integration


Measure ROI of Channel Investments and Optimize Promotions.


Measure ROI of channel investments. Determine promotion effectiveness. Get real time data to assist in forecasting.


Determine best promotions for each channel partner.


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