Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

AI-Based Audit and Compliance

Accelerate Quality, Audit and Compliance Processes

Meeting quality and compliance goals is becoming more difficult every year. Enforcement is growing in complexity as the number of compliance rules and criteria are growing. And the monumental volume of data that organizations routinely collect for critical business processes is also growing. Unfortunately many compliance managers are simultaneously facing budget cuts in the face of ever growing workloads.

When accuracy and compliance is critical, manual inspection is no longer viable as the sheer size and complexity of the processes have overwhelmed human beings’ ability to inspect, interpret and validate. This results in under sampling and increases the risk to the organization.

To scale quality, audit and compliance processes companies need automation that can possess the same deep domain expertise as human workers but scale.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots can master compliance rules like your best experts but scale to provide 100% inspection of your data. This unprecedented combination of intelligence and scale reduces expenses while dramatically reducing risk.

Imagine Knowledge Bots:

  • Inspecting 100% of your data, transactions and/or content for your business process.
  • Slashing the time for inspection to seconds from minutes or hours.
  • Cutting your inspection error rates by half and continuously improving each day.
  • Identifying correlations and insights on root causes for compliance issues on the fly that went previously undetected.

Even better, this fully integrated mindset is continuously learning and self-reports throughput and accuracy confidence levels for its work - allowing you to measure true process metrics and develop KPI’s. eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots unlock human bottlenecks that hold your business back by providing expertise instantly in a consistent, actionable and scalable form.

Manage Risk without disrupting the Pace of Business.

The Benefits for You

Benefits of AI-Based Audit and Compliance

Acquire Unlimited Capacity
Free up Resources involved in tedious manual inspection.

Automated Inspection frees up staff to attend to larger process errors and helping train the Knowledge Bots when there is low confidence in detection.

Reduce Risk
100% Inspection Reduces Risk Significantly

Knowledge Bots can inspect 100% of the transactions for a business process.

100% Inspection means that companies can reduce their risk dramatically as human inspection can only touch a small percentage of transactions.

Continuous Improvement
AI Audits are always learning - improving detection and delivering insight into root causes for compliance issues

With an AI based engine your audit and inspection process is getting better, faster and cheaper every day.

It also can generate proactive risk insights and identify the root cause of compliance failures dynamically. This facilitates fast intervention and reduces error with rapid feedback.


Pharmacy needed to inspect 100% of opiod prescriptions for compliance.


eXalt Knowledge Bots were able to inspect 100% of original prescription Rx documents in a multitude of unstructured formats including images. Each prescription was compared to the actual fulfilled prescription and compared for errors. Key fields such as Generic Drug Name and Dosage are identified and classified with a confidence level. Insights were generated using statistical process control to find outliers by pharmacy and root causes contributing to error

100% Inspection reduces risk 20X