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AI-Based Data Wrangling and Cleaning

Improve AI Project Success with AI-Based Data Wrangling

Despite the enormous potential for Artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape business it is not experiencing widespread adoption or success. AI is only as good as the data it relies on - if you have dirty data the project must be delayed until it can be cleansed sufficiently to yield high quality data. And 90% of the success of an AI project is about data wrangling - inspecting, structuring, cleaning and augmenting data for use by AI algorithms.

90% of the time spent in an AI project is data wrangling the massive volumes of structured and unstructured data used by AI algorithms.

To get large scale AI projects off the ground companies need to have their data stores properly inspected, structured, cleansed and augmented by something other than manual methods.

eXalt AI-Based Knowledge Bots can scale to wrangle 100% of your data stores for use by AI Applications. Imagine Knowledge Bots:

  • Inspecting 100% of your data, transactions and/or content for your business process and identifying issues.
  • Converting unstructured content into structured content.
  • Cleansing data errors.

Augmenting and Enriching data with necessary critical keys and values for standardization and joining data. Even better, this fully integrated mindset is continuously learning and self-reports throughput and accuracy confidence levels for its work.

90% of the success of an AI project is about data wrangling - inspecting, structuring, cleaning and augmenting data for the algorithms to work with.

And 90% of the work on AI is related to the data wrangling.

The Benefits for You

Benefits of AI-Based Data Wrangling and Cleaning

Cut 90% of Effort on AI projects
Remove Dirty Work on AI projects.

Data cleaning is a whole extra production step for AI projects that no one wants to do. Using traditional methods these projects cost considerable time and money.

Knowledge Bots can take over this dirty work for your staff. They are well suited for content analysis, cleansing and enrichment on large data sets.

Accelerate Time to Market for AI Projects
Remove delays due to data set preparation

AI is only as good as the data provided and if you don’t have enough high quality data the project must be delayed until you do.

Teams of Knowledge Bots can prepare data quickly as possible so your AI Analysis projects are not delayed and ROI is realized faster.

Gain More Insights from AI Data Stores
Cleaner Richer Data Produces Deeper Insights

Data is the fuel for AI engines. And cleaner richer data fuels better insights by these AI engines.

Knowledge Bots ensure AI algorithms have the largest and best possible data set to work with.


Hospital had multiple Data Lakes and Electronic Health Records using different drug naming conventions that lacked standardization.

Analytics could not be run on data that lacked a common key or reference


eXalt Knowledge Bots were able to audit each record in multiple data lakes and augment the content with a common naming convention using Generic Drug names and dosage units of measure. Hospitals were able to get better ROI on their Big Data Analytics investments as a result of the Data Cleansing and standardization.

100% Data Cleansing and standardization