eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Double Attach of Value Added Services


Joanne the Knowledge Bot Creates SOW’s


Insure that Services are Attached to Every Possible Sale

Increase in Attach Rates
Higher Margins


How do you produce rich Statements of Work (SOW’s) that address Professional Services?  How do you insure that Services are attached to every possible sale?

Traditional Approach:

Companies have weak sales of Professional Services because they are difficult to sell and require creation of complex SOW’s:

  • Reps poorly qualify prospect on Professional Services.
  • Delays in hand off to technical experts for  qualification.
  • Technical Experts waste hours manually generating SOW’s using dozens of different tools (Word, Visio, etc)
  • No central repository of SOWs for reference & reuse.

eXalt Knowledge Bots:


  • Digital Advisor: Properly qualifies prospect on professional services.  Sells business value and benefits.
  • Digital Administrator:  Automated SOW Generation & Email Routing. Saves SOW in searchable central repository and integrates with internal CRM/ERP.


  • Dramatically Improves Services Attach:  Margin Making professional Services are presented with every sale.

eXalt Knowledge Bots allow us to differentiate ourselves by insuring the attach of our professional services. Before eXalt we spent several hours crafting a custom SOW using several tools (Word, Visio, Excel, Power Point, etc) that are now created automatically by an eXalt Knowledge Bot.

-Director Professional Services


Knowledge Bot insures that Services are easy to sell.

Knowledge Bot Auto-suggests and auto-attaches services while insuring all necessary information is collected.  Professional SOW is automatically generated including all drawings, calculated costs/TCO/ROI.

Benefit to Reseller:

Strategic Objective of selling Services was met:

  • Double Attach Rates of Services
  • Strong Differentiation
  • Presented More Value Add to prospects
  • Increased Margins with Professional Services.