Frequently Asked Questions

about eXalt’s Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) Platform


QUESTION:  What does your company do?
Answer:  Leading B2B companies use eXalt’s cloud platform to make B2B Sales processes digital end-to-end without human touch……gaining unlimited scale and a competitive advantage in the marketplace

QUESTION:  Who will use your products?
:  Our vision is to offer digital workers to complement human workers for the front to back B2B sales process.  Any B2B Vendor, Distributor or Reseller in single or multi-tier channel sales can scale their output to be many times their peers by leveraging our Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) Cloud Platform to create digital workers.  We can scale both the front office and back office of these companies.

Front office applications for these companies include:

  • Resellers:  Who are dissatisfied with their call center’s ability to scale profitably or be the trusted advisor….

eXalt makes you the “amazon of the enterprise” – THE place to research and purchase without the delay and error of contacting phone sales reps
This gives the channel unlimited scale cutting high touch manual effort and dramatically improving profit with sticky customer relationships
And unlike home grown IT built websites offering simple catalogs our digital advisors advise buyers in building multi-vendor solutions without delay.

  • Distributors:  Who are dissatisfied with their attempts to scale their SMB Channel and differentiate across all resellers…

eXalt dramatically improves the capability and profitability of resellers
eXalt’s tenant sites allow resellers to offer their buyers the same experience as much larger companies and enter new markets without having to add expensive engineering resources.
And unlike conventional VAR programs these insure that the reseller relationship is sticky and that you differentiate yourself with vendors and resellers.

  • Vendors:  Who are dissatisfied with their attempts to scale sales through channel partners using funding heads…

eXalt provides unlimited and personalized channel support to all your partners not just some of your partners.

eXalt’s digital workers can touch unlimited sales opportunities at the point of research.

And unlike funded heads our digital workers
1) never quit, get sick or take vacations, 2) provide unlimited visibility of activity 3) identify new opportunities earlier at time of quote instead of sale.

QUESTION:  What do you understand that others don't?
Answer:  Digital transformation can be a daunting task for companies who are often siloed, who lack expertise or resources, or who mistakenly think digital transformation is yet another IT project..  We remove the roadblocks to digital transformation with several unique aspects of our offering.  We have several unique perspectives on our customers:

  1. Our customers want a Service:  Because eXalt’s KWaaS platform is a service, implementation it can be completed in weeks without a major outsourcing or IT project. Marketing, eCommerce or operational executives can specify business rules changes that eXalt loads into its cloud platform and generates fully trained digital workers without any software or IT involvement. 
  2. Our customers want Digital Workers not Technology:  You can add our digital workers to add to your team like you can add Human Workers without out the delays, risk and expense of an IT project.
  3. Our customers want to work with a company that has Domain Expertise in B2B sales:  We have 15 years of domain expertise in B2B sales for technology products and services. 
  4. Our customers want to weave a digital thread from sales through the back office:  Providing a continuous thread from sales through delivery is critical to improve agility.  You can get started at any point in your organization and easily branch out.
  5. Our customers want to conduct business without borders:   B2B buyers need information from both the reseller’s back-office and an entire partner ecosystem of distributors, vendors and integrators.  Buyers demand agility and expect this information to be retrieved, aggregated and presented almost instantaneously without human delay
  6. Our customers want to pay by use:  eXalt's affordable pricing plans are charged by the transaction for smaller organizations and offer an unlimited plan for large enterprises

We built our platform to address these critical customer requirements.

QUESTION:  What is the growth potential for this marketplace?
:  In the past automation was seen as a ‘tool’ used by human labor but now Digital Workers are independent co-workers and a necessity for every team in the future.
A recent report* by McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2025 the automation of knowledge work will have an economic impact of between $5-7 trillion, and will impact 230+ million knowledge workers globally.  eXalt has found that as much as 50-70% of work in the B2B sales process alone is rules-based and repetitive and can be addressed with Digital Workers.
Globally, by 2020 the B2B ecommerce market will be twice as large as the B2C market — $6.7 trillion vs. $3.2 trillion — according to research provider Frost & Sullivan.

QUESTION:  What is the Compelling Reason to purchase eXalt's services?
Answer:  The rate of change is faster than anything I have seen before and faster than some can digest.  Recent trends are making it difficult for companies to rely on business as usual.  Adding Digital Workers has become a MUST HAVE and not a NICE TO HAVE due to key trends in the marketplace:

  • Social Change: Talking to a sales rep is annoying, slow and error prone. Buyers want modern digital self-service. 
  • Technical Change: Technology is better than humans in weaving together solutions from thousands of vendors with 1,000-100,000’s skus each undergoing constant change..
  • Economic Change: Margins have been shrinking and require lower touch process
  • Process Change: Sales reps not contacted until buyers are 2/3rd of the way though the decision process.
  • Expectations Change: B2B buyers need information from both the reseller’s back-office and an entire partner ecosystem of distributors, vendors and integrators.  Buyers demand agility and expect this information to be retrieved, aggregated and presented almost instantaneously without human delay.  

Any B2B sales firm that utilizes traditional phone sales or simple Catalog Web sites must add digital workers to every sales team, web site or call center.  

QUESTION:  How do your products work?
Answer:  eXalt’s KWaaS platform offers  three types of Digital Workers to scale the B2B sales process:

  • Digital Advisors – Help buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve their problems
  • Digital Administrators - Make businesses more connected to themselves and each other resulting in agility
  • Digital Analysts - Offer businesses improved visibility and anticipate and act on change

Companies gain unprecedented customer intimacy through advanced self-service and ecommerce offerings, and they immediately reduce operational costs and delays, while gaining visibility for the necessary process refinements that help them work smarter.

eXalt’s philosophy is 'Better Together' where human and digital workers produce more at a higher level of quality as a team – giving their customers unlimited scale. eXalt is the only company to weave an end-to-end fabric of Digital Threads from Sales through Delivery where Digital Workers take over the rules-based repetitive tasks, bringing companies closer to customers, freeing up their best people to do high value work, and enabling significant cost savings overall.