eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Double Sales Productivity


Fred the Knowledge Bot takes over sales admin tasks for sales reps


Offload Admin Work to Personalized Digital Assistant

Sales Productivity
Increase in Revenue


  • Reps lost 70% of their time in admin work
  • 98% of companies reported revenue impact from poor transaction management
  • 37% of this 98% said impact was up to 11-25% of revenue

Traditional Approach:

Sales manually populates several systems (CRM, ERP, Partner Portals), sends dozens of emails and requests internally and to partners.


eXalt Knowledge Bot:

  • Digital Administrator:  Gives sales staff 70% of their time back.


Greater Sales Productivity

  • Cut time for admin work:  CRM, ERP, Pricing, Promotion Requests
  • Cut Iterations and Errors
  • Cut emails to partners and internal staff

We are under continued pressure to sell more with the same number of human resources. eXalt Knowledge Bots eliminate the administrative tasks that take reps away from selling. We see Knowledge Bots as a strategic way to scale our sales organization without adding resources.

-Sales Manager, Reseller


Benefit to Sales Reps:

More Sales Reps met or exceeded quota.

Benefit to Resellers:

70% of Administrative work was removed for CRM, ERP, Pricing, Promotions, Engineering Requests.  Needless errors and iterations were also removed. Reseller was able to:

  • Grow sales with same number of staff.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence with agility and reduced errors.