eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Double the Quantity and Quality of Leads


Martin the Knowledge Bot makes Seamless handoff of qualified leads to best resource


Create Constant Flow of Fresh High Quality Leads to Sales Reps Desk

Quantity of Leads
Quality of Leads
Conversion of Leads


Sales Reps don’t use leads provided by marketing due to low quality.  How can marketing improve the quantity and quality of Leads?

Traditional Approach:

Inbound Marketing using Web Forms to collect contact info for callback introduces excessive delays.  Phone Qualification by Sales Rep no longer works when 70% of buyers prefer texting over calling.


eXalt Knowledge Bots:

  • Digital Advisor: Empowers User to fully self serve to get answers to questions in real-time. No more:
    • Reading White Papers, Case studies
    • Completing web forms, providing contact info to get call back days later.
  • Digital Administrator: Seamless handoff of 100% qualified lead to best resource.  Automated integration with CRM Tracking.


  • Increase Lead Quantity and  Lead Quality
  • Seamless Handoff won’t lose prospective buyers
  • Improve Conversion - Route to optimal resource.

We were able to successfully launch a refresh campaign with a Knowledge Bot Advisor for both inbound and outbound campaigns. eXalt Knowledge Bot Advisors allowed us to initiate more conversations regarding the replacement of older products with our newer generation and accelerate refresh of our installed base.

Marketing Manager, Server Company


Martin the Knowledge Bot conducts real time conversation with prospects – giving instant answers. Knowledge Bot seamlessly hands off high quality and fresh leads to sales reps. Reps no longer throw away leads due to being stale or poor quality.

  • Benefit to Buyer:  Instant Answers through intelligent AI Based Conversations.
  • Benefit to Seller:  High Quality Leads with seamless handoff.  Win Rates increased due to:
    • Lead Routed to Optimal Resource and Automatically loaded into CRM.
    • Completed purchase transaction with Customer Self Service
  • Summary of Benefit: Sales increased:
    • Number of customer interactions and new opportunities per day increased by starting conversations with Knowledge Bots.
    • The percentage of web sales also increased with self-service.