7 Benefits of eXalt Knowledge Bots

7 Reasons to hire Knowledge Bots as Part of your Workforce


The time is now to make a breakthrough by leveraging AI in your organization.  AI is moving fast and companies that lag in adoption will be left at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.  Hiring eXalt’s AI Knowledge Bots as part of your workforce is a great way to gain an advantage with AI co-workers and avoid the complexity of undertaking a complex software project.  There are many benefits associated with eXalt Knowledge Bots – here are a few:

1. Reduced Costs

Hiring Knowledge Bots costs a fraction of an employee or an outsourced worker. Avoid the hassles and cost of constant recruiting, training and turnover. Instead, train one Knowledge Bot once and let it continue to train itself and its virtual clones.

2. Increased Efficiency

Knowledge Bots can complete any task in a fraction of the time of a human worker - improving agility and customer experience with instant response times.

3. Instant Access to Expertise

Knowledge Bots clone knowledge and mindsets of your best experts so that skills are never lost and best practices are defined, kept safe and can reach anywhere in your organization. Even better, they continuously learn new ways to solve problems - improving the skills of your team in the blink of an eye.

4. 24x7x365 Support

Knowledge Bots do not sleep, take vacations or get sick. There are no more delays, peak load bottlenecks, talent shortages or turnover issues. You have resources that are available anywhere and at any time.

5. Operational Control and Visibility

Knowledge Bots give immediate visibility of their activities and your business processes - ensuring SLA's will be measured and met. With predictive analytics, it ensures your company is proactive instead of reactive.

6. Reduced Risk

Knowledge Bots democratize the critical skills known by just a few experts who put revenue and SLA's at risk if they get sick, quit or take a vacation. With unlimited expertise, Knowledge Bots ensure companies can scale and improve customer experience with reduced risk.

7. Unlimited Capacity

Knowledge Bots can be replicated instantly to scale up or down to address any level of demand as needed. With unlimited capacity, they always meet peak demand without delay.

Final thoughts

Business line managers can scale their operations profitably by leveraging easy to hire AI Knowledge Bots.  Unlike other projects there is no IT or programming and all that’s needed is the same effort required to train a new employee.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  If you want a summary of these benefits we have created an infographic here.

Benefits of Hiring eXalt AI Knowledge Bots

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