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eXalt Cloud Services for Vendors
Put Your Brand in the Middle of Each Sales Rep-to-Customer Conversation and Measure the Impact.

Would you like to:
  • Coach every sales desk through every sales opportunity?
  • Insure you are always suggested and never forgotten?
  • Measure the impact of launches or promotions immediately?
  • Tap the sales power of other reseller communities?

Leading vendors use eXaltís sales service to insure they are never left out of any sales opportunity. eXaltís Cloud services allow them to instantly influence and measure sales behavior by delivering actionable content to the sales desk and viewing the content in action.

Learn How to Gain Channel Mindshare and Influence Choices:

eXalt embeds vendor sales expertise in the channel partnerís portal - instead of delivering yet another proprietary standalone vendor tool that is often ignored at the sales desk. By embracing eXaltís channel cloud services and reducing their reliance on standalone tools and high-touch engineering assistance these leaders have established a presence at every channel sales desk.

eXalt achieves greater sales and profitability for these leaders by making sure the vendor is never forgotten and always suggested even in other complementary third party sales. This allows vendors to tap the power of other reseller communities.

eXalt makes each brand the easiest to sell. All expertise to execute a sale is never more than one click away for a sales rep including: training, solution playbooks and promotions. This provides a virtual sales coach that stands over the shoulder of every sales rep with guided selling advisors, solution playbooks and auto-attachment of important options.

Since eXalt records every click vendors watch sales behavior during the quote process. For the first time vendors can proactively determine what placement, products, promotions and pricing increases sales velocity most.